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Baby 제발 그의 손을 잡지마
Please don't go 내곁에 stay
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31st-Dec-2010 12:10 pm - Locked :)

50% locked.
Add me to read :)
Comments are sweet.
5th-Dec-2010 10:26 pm - MNET ULTIMATE LIVE SG

HI ALL! I hate withdrawal feelings.
Yesterday i went for MNET ULTIMATE LIVE SG. It was the very first concert i have ever been to and i'm sure it won't be the last.
I had so much fun :D Worth every cent and i think is so much better than clubbing! 

But now the sad thing is I MISS MBLAQ BEAST 2AM 2PM :'(
come back soon okay?

20th-Mar-2010 10:42 am - Lazy saturday.

Bunned up my hair.fringe up.so rare to see me up so early on a saturday morning.weather is good.good for couple to snuggle up.lol.haven't update this space for a long time.i'm hungry.i'm tired.but i can't sleep.wanted to make a kaya butter toast and a cup of hot tea for myself.but i realised idk how to use the toast bread machine.ok ive no idea whats the name of that too.need to wait for my mommy to come home.im a noob.idk how to use the washing machine.hehehe.i'm lazy.very lazy.wanted to _________ but damn lazy.and you can see i'm really bored now.lemme update you about myself.i'm currently in love.i know you will be asking in love with who?do you really wanna know?are you sure?really really sure?okay la share with you okay?

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